Returning to the blogsphere

I realised recently that my last post to a Labour blog was in July 2007, and concerned with Boris Johnson as the Conservative London Mayoral candidate. Sadly, we all know what happened there.

Since early 2008, I have brought my membership of the Labour Party into question on several occassions. This has mainly been due to disagreement with the party’s direction and calling into question some of our responses to the current financial crisis. I will not detail them now, as my complaints have decreased in relevency over the past few months. Yes, my beliefs have been tested extensively by the responses the Labour Government have provided as to the crisis – being to the left of practically any solution New Labour provides, I will always be fairly critical. So, often I would wonder whether there was any point being in the party at all!

Despite my complaints and criticisms of party direction, I realise that the Labour Party have been, and remain the political party that allies most with my personal views and ideology. I am not expected to agree with the party completely, no-one is. I would say that I agree with policy 90% of the time. However, I remain a loyalist to Labour, if not to the government.

I’m glad to have the blog back up and running, and I’ll try (I say try) to keep it as up-to-date as possible!


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