Juvenile behavior and tabloid politics

I’m sure there are many in the Labour Party who would consider Derek Draper a “prat”. In fact, I’m certain many would have more colourful descriptions for him. If today’s latest scandal is anything to go by, I think many more will be using the latter to describe him.

It’s very, very rare that I ever launch personal judgement on anybody, especially senior party members I know nothing about, but in Draper’s case I will make an exception. Seems I’m not alone either – Labourhome lead with a call for McBride and Draper to resign and judging by the blantantly pathetic, weasel-word-filled excusing message Draper has posted on LabourList today, I doubt the opinion of him will go any lower (but I could easily be proved wrong).

Not that my opinion as the humble student blogger matters that much in the higher ranks of the Labour Party, but I believe that Draper’s juvelile hatred of Guido/Paul Staines has caused him to bring yet another damaging scandal, and at the worst time! Right before the European Elections, thanks. If Draper cannot rid himself of the Guido obsession, I would suggest he takes his fight elsewhere and not somewhere the Labour Party are affected by every juvenile action he takes. But I don’t hold my breath.


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