I would like to congratulate twelve Tory headbangers on their timing.

It can be said that only a particular type of Tory could do the following:

1) Attempt to undermine a piece of legislation that transformed the lives of the working class.
2) Justify this by suggesting that not being able to work for less than a set minimum is a violation of employees Human Rights!
3) Make said arguments against the Minimum Wage during a time of recession.
4) Get invited onto the Today program to defend the Bill, then withdraw the Bill, and the interview at the last minute.

These right-wing Thatcherite headbangers, all eleven of them, have given me the best laugh in days.

They did say comedy was all about timing!

In all seriousness, the Bill would not have got very far at all given it’s minimal support and the vitriol poured on it from the Left.

Silly Thatcherites. Go back to your holes and stop trying to settle old scores.


UPDATE: Save the minimum wage

Wage Concern reports that at 9:30am, as I was typing out an anti-Thatcherite rant, the Employment Oppertunities Bill was withdrawn and postponed by it’s original founder, Christopher Chope MP.

This is obviously a fantastic victory for the left. We worked 100 years to get Minimum Wage on the statute book, and thus we are not giving it up. Hence, if these nutjobs attempt to restart the legislation once again, the fight will begin again.

But for now, I take immense pleasure in this defeat – and the humiliation of a few right wing nutjobs.

Tories settling old scores – save the Minimum Wage

Today, at around 11am, the Private Members Bill for employment, pushed forward by ten Tory MPs is going through Parliament – this bill aims to allow employers to opt out of minimum wage enforcement. Essentially, this will allow employers to pay what the hell they like. This whole situation beggars belief entirely. This is undoubtedly causing an uproar amoungst Labour and the more liberal Tory MPs.

Obviously, there are many divisions within the party but we are united in solidarity with one of the few policies that has improved the lives of the working class. Many of us on the left of the party will almost certainly say this does not extend far enough, but we would never deplore the policy. Ten years ago, we united in the face of strong opposition to the Minimum Wage. Minimum wage later became law, and none of the scaremongering of the Conservatives ever came to fruition.

Clearly, our success was not popular with a select few in the Conservative Party – and they’re back to settle old scores. Most notably, Peter Bone MP – the very same MP who, at the 1995 Conservative Party conference boasted that he paid one of his employees 80p per hour. Unthinkable in today’s world. Yet, he, along with the nine, is back to attempt to wreak havoc with the Minimum Wage (effectively abolish it). His timing is impeccable, during the middle of a hard hitting recession. In fact, one many are saying is the worst since 1929.

Well, if Bone and his associates want to drag up the past, so can we. No matter where we are on the party line, or indeed on the left, we must unite and rally behind the no vote.

Stop the wage sabotage.