East Coast Mainline – the first step.

With a Labour government so opposed to that evil “n” word, even I was floored by the news earlier this morning.

For those that may have not seen the top story on the BBC today, National Express have defaulted on the East Coast Mainline service, and the government has taken it into temporary public ownership. Effectively, they have nationalised a rail line in the United Kingdom!

According to the statement made by the government today, there are possible grounds to nationalise National Express’s other services: National Express East Anglia, Stansted Express and c2c. Oh, please do. c2c may be good yes, but National Express East Anglia is an expensive sham.

Lord Adonis has been reinterating the same point all morning: the government are not in the business of bailing out train companies that do not honour their commitments. If I may, Adonis might wish to note that bailing out a train company would be providing it with a fiscal stimulus or “rescue package” – in other words, a temporary loan. But taking over complete ownership – albeit temporary – is another matter entirely. Of course, they want to “make the transition as smooth as possible”. I, and probably many other commuters are past caring.

National Express – consigned to the dustbin of East Coast Mainline TOCs. The Attleeite in me screams for all the others to follow.


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