It's the kind of news that's scandalous and shocking, but not really any "news" to anyone.

Do excuse me being slow off the mark once again. Finally getting a lunch break, I’m now able to comment on a rather prominant scandal in the Graun today.

An investigation by The Guardian has alleged further breaches of the law by News Of The World journalists.

To me, of course this is hardly news. Journalists using illegal methods under the watch of the toothless Press Complaints Commisson (or, journalists regulating journalists)? Nothing new, but that’s not to say this news story isn’t important.

The Graun reports that the Commons is to schedule a full investigation into these allegations. Out of the hands of the Press Complaints Commission. Meanwhile, David Cameron has defended Andy Coulson. I have no idea why. If I was – God forbid – Tory leader, I would have him out by lunchtime (or, around now). Why exactly would anyone want to associate with someone who’s already heavily implicated by being editor, even for “only some” of the scandal period? Labour weren’t exactly very supportive of McBride, I notice. As for Draper – well, we just left him to die his own blogosphere death.

Prescott and Clarke are right as far as I’m concerned. As this story progresses, there are more questions coming to the forefront – and they need answering.


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  1. cool stuff here…this definitely going to end up on my bookmark pages

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