Tory hypocrisy knows no bounds.

After slamming the Labour Government for courting and appointing Sir Alan Sugar as business tsar, the Tories have turned their attention to Jeremy Clarkson as as possible transport adviser.

Such an appointment is hardly compatible with the “Vote Blue Go Green” agenda is it?

Clarkson himself has accused the Tories of double standards over courting his attention and slamming the Labour Party for appointing Sir Alan.

The Tories defence has been that Clarkson would only be advising the opposition, not the governing party. That, in my mind, makes no difference whatsoever. The Tories have been the most vehement opponents of Sir Alan Sugar’s appointment as a business adviser – surely to have Jeremy Clarkson as transport tsar would be equally biased? Additionally, if the Tories win the next election, will he keep his job and act as an adviser in that particular government? The double standards are completely obvious.

The Tories may (supposedly) have shed the image of the Nasty Party, but once again their hypocrisy is apparent.


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