Labour's job fund commitment.

Once again, I am playing catch-up with the rest of the blogosphere on Labour’s latest announced scheme, but better late than never!

The Attleeite in me was rejoicing today at the news that Labour is to announce job creation, up to 150,000 new jobs for young people and the long-term unemployed, funded by the Future Jobs Fund.

Yvette Cooper vowed that the Labour government would not let young people or the long term unemployed get left behind after the recession passes, as has previously occured in the 80s and 90s (note: the Tories believed unemployment was a price worth paying in order to balance the books – not exactly unsimilar to Cameron’s current stance, although he won’t specify what the price we have to pay under the Tories will really be!). Sadly, this announcement hasn’t seen much coverage, just a sidebar mention on the BBC website – despite being a scheme that doesn’t consign an entire generation to the dole queue and poverty with no way out!

The Tories short term cuts may balance the books, but they will deep root yet more social problems and instill isolation and resentment in many communities – why? Because if a service that one person considers wasteful, you are actually cutting off a vital service that communities rely on. Testament to this is the situation in my own village – thousands of students are denied the oppertunity to go to one of the best colleges in the country because the planned bus link to Norwich (instigated by the Labour council) was cut when the Tories took control of the council. The bus service would also be vital for commuters who can’t reach the nearest train station (which is nearly 3 miles away). If these are the kind of cuts we are going to see from the Tories, then I fear for the next generation. The Tories do not, and have never seen that balancing books at the expense of ordinary people will only create more problems than they solve. I don’t like scaremongering, but I have seen the damage Tory cuts can do first hand.

It appears that today’s Labour job scheme announcement has brought out the rabid Attleeite democratic socialist in me, as one can probably see from my rants above. Normal moderate leftism will resume tomorrow (unless the Tories decide to talk about public spending again – then expect another diatribe!)


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