Nigel Farage: Tories should be careful what they wish for.

Back in June, many Labour MPs took the unimaginable step of voting for a Conservative in large numbers. I find myself in a similar situation, having heard of Nigel Farage’s plan to stand against John Bercow at the next general election.

Whilst I may not be considering voting Tory, I will certainly be lending my support to John Bercow. If it seems like I’ve lost my mind, let me explain.

I once stated that if it came to having to choose to vote for either a Tory or a UKIP candidate, it would be Conservative with a very heavy heart. Why? Because I harbour a burning hatred for UKIP – everything they stand for, their rumoured antics in Strasbourg and their naked opportunism. My personal dislike of the party increased in intensity during the Norwich North by-election about two months ago. Two UKIP canvassers approached a young comrade while I was leafleting a block of flats – and started hurling abuse at him for being a Labour member. I was seething – and promptly stole their leaflets out of the flat’s letterboxes (they hadn’t put them through properly). Hardly an isolated case, their canvassers are nasty pieces of work. The candidates are hardly any better. But aside from my personal experience with them, my hatred of UKIP has been apparent ever since I became political. Much as I dislike what the Tories stand for, and always have done, I cannot sit by and not avert a challenge from a party as morally depraved and corrupt as UKIP.

Nigel Farage’s actions are clearly opportunist, but you’d have to be completely stupid to not see that. It’s part of UKIP tactics, undeniably. But sadly, I do see the more right-wing elements of the Conservative Party supporting this – against Bercow’s social conservatism.

They’d better be careful what they wish for. Bercow may be liberal, but do they really want to be responsible for a UKIP member entering the house? If they had any sense, then no. And I hope in this situation, they will make that realisation.


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