Tories: Tough on Duncan, not Hannan.

So, after developing his political career at the Boris Johnson school of self-promotion (with passes in ill-informed ranting and appearing on Have I Got News For You), Alan Duncan has decided to leave his Cabinet position and take voluntary (?) demotion.

Seen as there’s no comment from Duncan, and vague “he made a terrible mistake but I didn’t sack him” comment from Cameron – so there’s no evidence to suggest that there’s been a forced demotion. The decision was taken after a meeting with Cameron earlier in the day.

I’m no flag-waver for Alan Duncan and I couldn’t care less if he leaves the Shadow Cabinet. But what I cannot fathom is why, in a tale of two Tories making scandalous comments about topics that have inflamed public anger, Duncan is the only one who’s come off badly. Hannan’s comments were equally offensive, if not more so in my personal opinion.

Duncan believes himself to be a “lightening conductor” for public anger. I can understand that there was considerable anger at his remarks and rightly so. Yes, they were ill informed and highly offensive. But there is a huge difference between making stupid remarks and trashing the NHS abroad – which Dan Hannan was doing around the time Duncan made his comments! Does anyone see the same condemnation of Hannan or even a “meeting” resulting in a later demotion? Oh hang on, Hannan was promoted!

Both of the incidents with Hannan and Duncan were damaging enough to the Tories – but in my opinion, Hannan’s NHS trash-talking of the NHS was offensive to more than just the public – it undermined a whole workforce, the countless lives saved by the system and the basic human right of access to healthcare! Yet he gets promotion and Duncan is vilified, to the point of believing that he’s a liability to the Tories’ electoral success:

“What matters most is the winning the election and David Cameron becoming the prime minister. [..] I don’t want to be a brake on that by making a difficult issue more problematic. I am very happy to get stuck into another job.”

He echoes this sentiment on Twitter too (well, if it really is him – apparently Tweetminster is “verifying” him).

Meanwhile, his replacement is being announced tomorrow.

Quick ascension and quick fall down – how classic in Tory politics.

Update: Tweetminster confirms that @AlanDuncanMP is actually fake.


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