While we’re on apologies…

At the Conservative Party conference, a 15 year old girl stood up and asked Gordon Brown for an apology. An apology for the debt he has left her generation in.

Well, I’d rather like an apology for an entire generation of children that I was in that were left behind by the previous Tory government. The ones who had to pay for all their textbooks at school, and damn to you if you couldn’t afford them? I won’t get one.

Oh, and how about a “sorry” for the desecrated towns and cities? Namely Gateshead Quays?

And how about an apology to all Londoners who are constantly being told that they paid too much for travel under Ken and now too little under Mayor Boris?

I’m waiting…


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  1. Firstly, she’s at the wrong conference and a week late if she wants Gordon. And while she’s in the market for an apology, perhaps she should swing by the City and Canary Wharf?

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