Against The Odds

I won’t write much, because the film speaks for itself. However, I will recommend that you tune in at 5:55pm on BBC2 and 6:55pm on BBC1 and ITV1.

I would also like to dedicate this to my grandfather, Antony Irving, the original Attleeite who serves as constant inspiration for me to carry on my contribution to the Labour cause.


So who do you think you are kidding Mr. Salmond?

Last night, Labour candidate Willie Bain was elected as MP for Glasgow North East, seeing of an SNP challenge and gaining a comfortable majorityof over 8,000. Results show a 1.89’% swing to Labour, while the SNP vote decreased. The Tories came third, beating earlier predictions that the BNP would gain third place after the SNP. As for the Liberals? Couldn’t even manage the thousand mark!

Predictably, the SNP are in retreat, having conceded that they wouldn’t be able to repeat Glasgow East. Not so cocky now? Hardly surprising.

Fantastic result, and many congratulations to all the activists, organisers and of course, Bain himself. Better get working on the maiden speech!