Against The Odds

I won’t write much, because the film speaks for itself. However, I will recommend that you tune in at 5:55pm on BBC2 and 6:55pm on BBC1 and ITV1.

I would also like to dedicate this to my grandfather, Antony Irving, the original Attleeite who serves as constant inspiration for me to carry on my contribution to the Labour cause.



  1. Maybe this applied to Labour of old before the champagne socialists wrecked it. Tony “war at any cost” Blair, Gordon “no more boom and bust” Brown” and John “two Jags and two faced” Prescott.

    Sorry Rosie but I think Maggie had a lot more to do with getting rid of apartied than Labour. Churchill did more to rid the world of fascism than Labour.

    I fully expect this post to be trashed but then that will just go to show me that I should not be voting for a party that throws it’s toys out of the pram whenever it blocks people that voted for it and now say “we don’t like what you’ve become”.

    Sorry Rosie but Labour would not be the party it once was (and could be again) if your grandfather threw a hissy fit because someone dared say he might be wrong. I suspect he would have pointed out what the party was really about, what it had done and what it could do.

    Unfortunately I only see a left wing “right on” student where his grandaughter should be. To me, this is a large part of why I and many others will NOT be voting Labour again.

  2. Fair point about your dislike of what the Labour Party’s become. I am not someone who has any great support for the New Labour project, but I will not say that Labour has been a complete failure since 1997. Minimum wage is oft-quoted as a Labour success post 1997, but that’s because, shock bloody horror, it is. Fancy still earning £45 for a whole weeks work instead of £200? I know I don’t.

    But you do make the most laughable sweeping statements about me, considering that you know so little about who I really am.

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