Michael Howard tells us we’ve not done enough to combat the threat of the BNP. 2005 election campaign anyone?

Cast your minds back to elections past – namely 2005. Tony Blair vs. Michael Howard. The infamous Tory poster:

(with added graffiti)

Fast forward to the present, and Howard’s been telling the main parties that they have not done enough to combat the threat of the BNP. I’m tempted to ask exactly what planet Howard’s been on recently, because his election campaign directly played on anti-immigrant vote. So to turn round now, almost five years later to tell anti-BNP activists that we “haven’t done enough” when his election campaign directly fed into unfounded fears about immigration is just a tad bit hypocritical (!)

And before I get the inevitable deluge of “well Labour can’t ignore immigration as an issue”, I should probably point out that I am all for a debate surrounding immigration policy, I don’t shy away from it and I do listen to all sides when I talk to voters. I also campaign bloody hard to fight the BNP’s disgusting and inhumane rhetoric. I want to hear people’s concerns, whatever they may be. If we don’t debate and challenge the unfounded rhetoric that exists in the immigration debate, then the BNP and their ilk certainly will capitalise on it.

But Michael Howard cannot tell us we haven’t done enough, because his campaign also capitalised on that rhetoric. It was a mistake that I believe the Tories should know not to repeat.

Meanwhile, whilst riding of his European election success, Nick Griffin has now got his sights set on Westminster. Of course, him getting in would be an absolute travesty.

So could us anti-BNP activists please be allowed to get on with what we are doing without being told by someone who played into empty and false rhetoric about immigration that we aren’t doing enough?


Attleeite Lefty’s Christmas Message

It’s that time of year, and I should be following the lead of many bloggers and wishing the seasonal greetings too.

So, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all readers, Twitter users I follow, Labour activists, fellow bloggers (of all sides), members of the LYL exec and everyone who’s out celebrating/working or spending Christmas with the endless array of relatives.

I myself am off to have a quiet family and friends Christmas deep in the heart of East England. Politics is obviously going on the back burner as of now.

Merry Christmas everyone, see you in the New Year.

Rosie Hucklesby,
Author and administrator of Attleeite Lefty.

More by-election woe for the BNP

Seems like I’ve been away a very long time, which I unfortunately have. I’ve been loaded with end of year essays, moved house and been elected as SE London Young Labour organiser in LYL. November through to now was a very busy month indeed!

Hence I have put blogging on the back burner until my work in complete. However, I did make an exception to this rule due to some rather intriguing by-election news.

First Barnsley, now more by-election woe haunts the BNP. So smug now, Mr. Griffin?

At 6pm, Labour candidate Ian Lloyd won back the Camp Hill council seat, Nuneaton from the BNP.

Having proved that the BNP are all rhetoric and show very little interest in their constituants, this by-election will come as yet another blow to the BNP machine. Growing support? Quite the opposite, I would say – a 9.8% swing to Labour in fact? I for one would love to see how they’ll be handling this one.

A special mention to all Labour and anti-racist/anti-fascist activists who have delivered a great result and a electoral bloody nose to the veneered vermin.