More by-election woe for the BNP

Seems like I’ve been away a very long time, which I unfortunately have. I’ve been loaded with end of year essays, moved house and been elected as SE London Young Labour organiser in LYL. November through to now was a very busy month indeed!

Hence I have put blogging on the back burner until my work in complete. However, I did make an exception to this rule due to some rather intriguing by-election news.

First Barnsley, now more by-election woe haunts the BNP. So smug now, Mr. Griffin?

At 6pm, Labour candidate Ian Lloyd won back the Camp Hill council seat, Nuneaton from the BNP.

Having proved that the BNP are all rhetoric and show very little interest in their constituants, this by-election will come as yet another blow to the BNP machine. Growing support? Quite the opposite, I would say – a 9.8% swing to Labour in fact? I for one would love to see how they’ll be handling this one.

A special mention to all Labour and anti-racist/anti-fascist activists who have delivered a great result and a electoral bloody nose to the veneered vermin.


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  1. Have the BNP held *any* council seats yet? From all accounts, once they’re elected the locals realize their mistake and vote more sensibly the next time they get the opportunity.

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