Bitter Blairites crash Labour’s positive start to the New Year.

How typical, I break from my energy politics portfolio to make some lunch, come back and my Twitter feed is going crazy. So, the news is that Patricia Hewitt and Geoff Hoon have circulated a letter calling for a secret leadership ballot. Well, how refreshing it is to see a coup mounted by bitter Blairites (!)

We’ve just entered the General Election year. The Tories marriage tax proposals were crashing around them and the nasty KerryOut Twitter campaign was backfiring. There’s been monumental anger at Boris Johnson’s public transport fare rises in London. All major Tory failures – and then, along come two bitter Blairites to derail progress. Talk about timing.

Hewitt and Hoon are acting like petulant children. Their careers are over, so they turn on the Prime Minister. It was rather interesting to hear Hewitt defending herself on BBC Radio 5 claiming that she wasn’t trying to oust Brown. Well, what the hell is she doing? And Hoon, of course, is spinning this to be an attempt to solve the dispute. What, by creating one and breaking up party unity? Sure it is. Their parliamentary careers may be finished, but why wreck Gordon’s and any other Labour MP’s?

This whole saga is complete madness. Thanks for giving ammunition to the opposition, idiots.

The small comfort I have is the statement from Tony Lloyd, chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party (via LabourList)

“Gordon Brown will be the leader next week and at the general election. There won’t be a secret ballot because there is not the demand. It’s pinprick stuff, but it deflects from us talking about our own policies.”

And let’s keep it that way, despite the attempts by a few Blairite derailers to do the complete opposite.



  1. There’s probably a simple answer to this that I’m missing, but why are you acting like New Labour are anything other than a Thatcherite claque consisting of panicked careerists shitting themselves at their inevitable loss at the next election? If you’re a true lefty then get out, get out – Labour died as a socialist party many years ago.

  2. Its satisfying to see New Labour eat itself alive like this, and Brown deserves everything he gets. But if these conspirators think that they can renew the party with a change of leadership then they’re thoroughly mistaken. That was supposed to happen last time when Blair was ousted in favour of Brown, but things only got worse as the economy turned and events took on a life of their own.

    I urge Labour activists to put this petty form of personality politics aside, raise their game and focus on policy. The current PLP have had it, but perhaps the up and comers can fill the gap that New Labour created when they decided that image was more important than substance.

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