Labour peer Lord Paul waives non domicile status.

As the Cashcroft question rumbles on, the Tories keep on wobbling. The Independent reports that MPs are to investigate the terms and creation of Lord Ashcrofts’ tax deal and today, the latest Times-Populus poll has Labour and the Tories neck and neck in marginal seats.

To make matters worse for the Tories, their usual line of defence is that Labour receives donations from another non-domicile peer, Lord Paul. However, Lord Paul announced this morning that he is ending his non-domicile status and become a full UK taxpayer. I see no such intention from Lord Ashcroft, just bleated defence from the Tory ranks.”Well, Labour have a non-dom donor too!” Er, we don’t actually. Attack is not the best form of defence Tories.

The wheels are well and truely coming off the Tory bicycle.

Let’s see them crawl out of this one.



  1. I don’t think the Tories will be too worried about the wheels falling of their bicycle; there’s always a 4×4 following it around… !

  2. The 4×4 could represent the grassroots Tory Party, therefore what happens if it decides to take the next right turn? There has been some anger in the Tory ranks for a long while now.

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