Anyone miss me?

It appears that I’ve been away from the blogosphere for quite some time. Given that my energy has mostly been devoted to getting myself back to London (and dealing with the hellish admin at my University. TWO WEEKS I’ve been trying to register – and only today did I complete it).

And after a slight bout of writer’s block, I have returned.

Expect new posts in a few days.

But for now, I’d like to announce that I am still alive, and active as always.


Temporary break

As I’m currently packing my life into several boxes and preparing to move back to London, I won’t be writing many blogposts.

Hope to return to normal duty once I’m back and settled…but until then, it’s a temporary goodbye for now!

Health news and blog changes.

I have always praised the merits of the NHS as a system for as long as I have been politically active, however I have not needed it’s services until recently. As I mentioned about a month ago, I had health complications that have prevented me from being politically active – specifically acute pancreatitis which required immediate and ongoing medical support. In a few weeks, I will be having surgery to correct the problem and I should be back to the usual activity.

Whilst I have been inactive, I have considered elements of the blog that need editing, or total abolition. Therefore, I have concluded that:

– PMQs reports are henceforth abolished. I will continue to keep a record of PMQs discussion as always, but it will not be published on here. I have decided to keep the focus of my articles on specific subjects.
– More news reports on my activity with the Fabian Society will be reported. I have sadly neglected this often, and it should be reported.
– More news specific to the Greenwich and Woolwich CLP.
– More news on the situation with the University Of Greenwich Leftist Society, and the Greenwich Labour Students group that has been set up and affiliated to our society.

Thankyou for your contiuned support,

Rosie Hucklesby.

Returning to the blogsphere

I realised recently that my last post to a Labour blog was in July 2007, and concerned with Boris Johnson as the Conservative London Mayoral candidate. Sadly, we all know what happened there.

Since early 2008, I have brought my membership of the Labour Party into question on several occassions. This has mainly been due to disagreement with the party’s direction and calling into question some of our responses to the current financial crisis. I will not detail them now, as my complaints have decreased in relevency over the past few months. Yes, my beliefs have been tested extensively by the responses the Labour Government have provided as to the crisis – being to the left of practically any solution New Labour provides, I will always be fairly critical. So, often I would wonder whether there was any point being in the party at all!

Despite my complaints and criticisms of party direction, I realise that the Labour Party have been, and remain the political party that allies most with my personal views and ideology. I am not expected to agree with the party completely, no-one is. I would say that I agree with policy 90% of the time. However, I remain a loyalist to Labour, if not to the government.

I’m glad to have the blog back up and running, and I’ll try (I say try) to keep it as up-to-date as possible!