Fash well and truely trashed in Barnsley


BNP owned in Barnsley.

The BNP, having got just a little bit cocky, had targeted Barnsley as a potential win. Obviously, they’d thrown all of their possible resources into winning this seat.

They failed, and quite substantially.

Full result:

Labour 1520
BNP 590
Independent 171
Tory 89
Lib Dem 78

Lab majority 930.

And the fash well and truely trashed.

Barnsley said “NOT IN OUR NAME”, for which I’m proud. And congratulations to all the hardworking activists, councillors and organisations who helped to defeat the BNP and gain another Labour win.


Breaking news: Labour win Heworth ward, York.

Literally just got this one through – Labour have won in Heworth ward, York.

Full results:

Labour 876

Lib Dem 608

Conservative 591

Green 302

BNP 192

Monster Raving Loony 25

Congratulations to Labour in York and all involved on the doorsteps of York, looks like the Lib Dems put up a hefty challenge. Congratulations are definately in order!

Labour Win in Ham Ward, Plymouth.

Labour have held the Ham Ward council seat in Plymouth.

Voters headed to the polls yesterday, with the result announced around midnight.

Summary of results:

Labour: 1243

Conservative: 676

UKIP: 442

Independent: 204

Lib Dem: 181

BNP: 82

A fantastic result. One of my comrades remarked that UKIP had clearly taken a large chunk of the Tories vote – adding that there isn’t a more delightful sight than seeing the right wing knocking out each other!

But nevermind the right-wing, well done to Councillor Tina Tuohy on a well-deserved victory.

Labour hold Denton North East

Thought old Labour was done?

After securing almost half of the vote, Labour have held their council seat in Denton NE.

Cllr Denise Ward swept to victory with 1,258 votes. Second place went to the Conservative Party candidate Floyd Paterson with 660 votes, followed (worryingly) by the British National Party with 358 votes.

Congratulations to all involved.