The issue of no-platform has been divisive across the political spectrum, with strong debates on each side.

The Coalition Against No-Platform is not against fighting fascism in principle, we simply argue that no-platform has been unsuccessful in preventing the spread of the BNP, who now have several council seats and two MEPs. No-platform is entirely counterproductive.

Additionally, we have chosen to live under a democracy and thus cannot block parties that have had electoral success. We are disgusted by their views but feel that in order to expose the vermin behind the veneer, we have to face the BNP and expose their empty rhetoric, hypocrisy and hatred for what it truely is. Blocking them out only allows the party to feed it’s “self interested politicians” and “standing up for the common man against the establishment” message. The BNP works best underground, why let them succeed?

The CANP brings together bloggers from across the sphere who have spoken out against no-platform, who are listed below:

Rosie Hucklesby of Attleeite Lefty – here.

Hadleigh Roberts writing here.

Bryony King writing here.

Adam Connell writing here.

Political Scrapbook writing here.

Tracey Cheetham writing here.

Tim Philips-White writing here.

Peter Bowers writing here.

Richard Brennan of Newsjiffy writing here.

University of Bath Labour Society

Working Class Tory writing here.

Tory Rascal writing here.

And on LabourList:

James Alexander

Olly Deed

Vote Red Go Green


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